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The Road to Yalta–2022 festival has ended: the winners have been announced!

The 4th International Festival «The Road to Yalta» has ended, the winners of the competition program have been announced.

1 place – Karen Lisbeth Sosa Limone (Ecuador) with song «Beloved Town»
2 place – Yang Pu (China) with song «We are Living the Cliff-shore»
3 place – Marko Dolas (Serbia) with song «What is the Beginning of the Motherland»

Special prize:
Guillaume Rat (France) with song «An Accidental Waltz»
Ines Cuello (Argentina) with song «A Ballad of a Mother»
Amato Scarpellino (Italy) with song «A Moldavian Girl»
Dana Kucherovsky and Itay Oren (Israel) with song «Upon a Summit with No Name»
Joshua Orabiyi (Nigeria) with song «Lizaveta»

Special prize from the general sponsor:
Thomas Grazioso (Italy), the winner of Festival 2020, with song «We are aviators»

Special prize from the partner:
Lee Wook Jae (Republic of Korea) with song «In the Frontline Wood»

Congratulations to the winners! The Humanitarian World Foundation thanks all the contestants and all the Russian participants for their wonderful performances, the jury for fair judging, as well as all partners for their help in organizing and holding the event.