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The Road to Yalta–2023 festival has ended: the winners have been announced!

The 5th International Festival "The Road to Yalta" has ended. The concerts took place on April 29 and May 2 at the State Kremlin Palace.

1 place – Laurentius Raymond Pardamean (Indonesia) with song « Let's Bow to the Great Years»

2 place – Tino Eisbrenner (Germany) with song «The Cranes»

3 place – Zayat Battsengel (Mongolia) with song «Oh, the Roadways»

Audience Award:

Cassandra De Rosa and Simone Romano (Italy) with song « A Song of the Frontline Driver»

Special prizes:

Yao Ding (China) with song « Let's Have a Smoke!»

Hargun Kaur (India) with song « Tanks Ratteled on the Field of Battle»

Lital Kricheli (Israel) with song « The Moscovites»

Ioannis Kofopoulos (Greece) with song « The Cranes»

Special prize from the general sponsor:

Zeliha Kendirci (Turkey) with song « Who is it Strolling Down the Hillside»

Congratulations to the winners! The Humanitarian World Foundation thanks all the contestants and all the Russian participants for their wonderful performances, the jury for fair judging, as well as all partners for their help in organizing and holding the event.