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Festival "Road to Yalta" – the winner of the Presidential Grants Competition!

In Russia, they summed up the next contest of presidential grants. Among the winners in the direction of "Preservation of historical memory" is the project of the Humanitarian World Foundation — the music festival "Road to Yalta".

The amount of the won grant is 15 million rubles. The Presidential Grants Fund Council noted the social significance of the festival.

Today, in many European countries, the historical memory of the exploits of the Soviet soldier is purposefully distorted. The festival "Road to Yalta" is intended to return, to remind a Western audience, the genuine, not perverted image of a Soviet soldier — protector and liberator. An unusual format of the music festival also contributed to the victory in the grant competition. Songs of the war years will be performed by duets of Russian artists with foreign contestants. Similar festivals in our country have not yet been.

In total, 9 308 projects from 7 946 non-profit organizations were submitted to the competition. Grants totaling 4 092 million rubles will be received by 2 017 organizations from all 85 regions of the country.

By the way, in the category "Preservation of historical memory" there was the highest competition. This area came out on top in both the number of winning projects and the amount of grants.