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Let's protect the monument to the Russian soldier in Bulgaria!

Since 1957, a monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators, known to the whole world as Alyosha, has risen above the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. It became a symbol of liberation from the Nazi invaders and a symbol of friendship between the two peoples. And the song «Alyosha Stands Above the Mountain», performed at the international youth festival in Sofia in 1968, became the anthem of Plovdiv.

With the collapse of the socialist camp, the situation changed: there were repeated attempts to demolish the monument, and on January 10, 2024, deputies of the Bulgarian opposition party «Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria» submitted to the Plovdiv City Council a proposal to move the monument to the Museum of Socialist Art before the end of this year. Experts consider this initiative tantamount to the destruction of the memorial.

Artists from all over the world and deputies of the State Duma spoke out for the preservation of the monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator «Alyosha» in the city of Plovdiv. The Humanitarian World Foundation, with the support of the EuroTransStroy company, created a video clip in defense of the monument in Bulgaria.

We thank the Russian news agency TASS for the photo and video materials provided: Kirill Kukhmar/TASS, Valery Fedortsov/TASS, Sergey Velichkin/TASS Photo Chronicle, Igor Lenkin/TASS.

Song «Alyosha»

Music: Eduard Kolmanovsky. Lyrics: Konstantin Vanshenkin