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«Humanitarian World» Fund is looking for the heirs of the authors of musical works that will be performed at the Festival 2024

«Humanitarian World» Fund will hold the International music festival «Road to Yalta». The concert program of the festival will include music compositions dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

Songs of the following authors are planned to be performed during the festival:

· Agapkin Vasiliy Ivanovich (1884–1964)

· Fedotov Arkadiy Yakovlevich (1930–2018)

· Lazarev-Mildon Vladimir Yakovlevich (from 1936)

· Gorodnitskiy Aleksandr Moiseevich (from 1933)

· Lvov Mikhail Davidovich (1918–1988)

· Frenkel Yan Abramovich (1920–1989)

«Humanitarian World» Fund is looking for copyright holders of musical works created by the above-mentioned authors to resolve issues related to the use of the works.

We kindly ask the copyright holders contact us by:

Phone: +7 (495) 139-70-79