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Rehearsals of the play about the Battle of Kursk «The Bulge. A Woman in the Shadow of a Huge Forest» are taking place in Kursk

The Humanitarian World Foundation, together with the A.S.Pushkin Kursk State Drama Theater, with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives, is preparing the premiere of the play «The Bulge. A Woman in the Shadow of a Huge Forest». The performance is among the festive events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk. The premiere will take place on September 25 on the Main stage of the theater.

The play by Kursk playwright Alexander Demchenko is staged by the famous director from St. Petersburg Iskander Sakaev. In the main role – Honored Artist of Russia Elena Gordeeva.

The action takes place in the summer of 1943, in the midst of the Battle of Kursk. The main character, a German language teacher Lyubov, lives in a small once occupied Kursk village. The war burned out all her feelings, took her husband and everyone who was dear to her.

The last hope is a son who serves in the Red Army, but Lyuba finds out that he was also killed in captivity, thrown into a road ditch. She decides to go after her son's body to bury him, but secretly hopes for something more: it seems to her that she can resurrect her son if she takes his body to the forest outside the village.

The forest is an evil place and, according to legend, witchcraft, in the old days, dashing people were killed in it. Whoever enters it disappears. Those few who returned from the forest gain incredible strength, but lose their human, spiritual. The forest becomes an experience for Lyuba.