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Acceptance of applications for the «Road to Yalta» festival 2024 is closed

On March 15, we completed accepting applications for participation in the International Music Festival «Road to Yalta» 2024. Now the jury is selecting 15 vocalists who will come to Moscow and perform at the StateKremlin Palace.

And we summarize the stage of accepting applications: this season we received 210 applications from 55 countries. And among them again there are many countries from which applications came for the first time: these are Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Peru, Romania, Slovenia, the Philippines, Chile, Sri Lanka. The number of people from Africa wishing to appear on the stage of «Road to Yalta» has increased.

We see that the songs of the Soviet era are close to the whole world, and we are immensely happy about this. Thanks to all the musicians who expressed a desire to participate in the «Road to Yalta» this year.

Less than a month and a half left before the festival concerts, which means that soon you will be able to personally see the 15 lucky winners who will be sent invitations to perform in the heart of Moscow.