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The governor of the Kursk region attended the premiere of «The bugle. A Woman in the Shadow of a Huge Forest»

On October 9, Roman Vladimirovich Starovoyt visited the Kursk Drama Theater for the premiere showing of the play «The Bugle. A Woman in the Shadow of a Huge Forest», which was created with the support of the Humanitarian World Foundation and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

The governor shared his impressions on social networks: «The new production is a unique work of the theater. This is a technically very difficult production: complex lighting and video projection are used. Throughout the entire action, I was closely following the fate of the main character. It is noticeable that the St. Petersburg team carried out truly a thorough job. I thank everyone who took part in the creation of the production».

The governor expressed confidence that the performance will remain in the repertoire of the theater and will become one of its hallmarks.